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MZP GROUP ensures realization of deliveries and assembly of investment units and their parts, general repairs and reconstructions of these units and also regular maintenance of the equipment during its whole operating life. All of this is performed with a high degree of skill on a high professional level and, which is the most important, with a personal approach to each individual client on all levels of organizational structures.


MZP GROUP offers this wide scope of services on several continents – in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

MZP GROUP main fields of activity

Structural materials industry (cement plants, lime plants, quarries, bitumen mixing plants)

Paper-mills and pulp-mills

Sugar plants

Chemical plants

Robotic handling lines

Operation of heavy mobile cranes (20-400 t cranes)


Main activities within the above mentioned fields

Engineering (project management and construction organizing)

Assembly and disassembly


Special installation and moving services in industrial objects

Transport and handling using our own heavy mechanization


  1. Diagnostics, measurements and assessment of the existing equipment condition
  2. Proposal of a solution, preparation of budgets
  3. Complex engineering
  4. Provision of spare parts and repairs
  5. Manufacturing of spare parts and their new structural design
  6. Manufacturing of new equipment and technological complexes
  7. Transport of the equipment to a destination place
  8. Handling of high-tonnage and large-volume objects using our own 4 - 400 t cranes
  9. Installation of equipment and machines
  10. Commissioning and putting into operation
  11. Maintenance
  12. Defectoscopy
  13. Consultancy


You can find a display of our realized services here.