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Benefits for you


Do you need to realize an investment project, a general repair of your equipment, maintenance …?


You may compare our services with other suppliers – and we are convinced that you cannot find an offer of higher quality and comprehensiveness on the market.


We will perform diagnostics of your equipment, propose the best and the most effective solution of the emerged situation, provide supplies of needed equipment, possibly also purchase licenses and know-how.


We will provide engineering services for your project and perform the manufacture of the equipment in our top mechanical workshops equipped with the most up-to-date machines and tools.


We will transport the equipment and its parts to a destination place, carry out a specialized assembly using our most modern lifting devices, both on a greenfield site and in existing factories and production buildings.


We will perform a complete infrastructure connection and commissioning and putting into operation.


Handover of all product protocols and other certificates is taken as a matter of course.


It makes no difference whether you are our partner as an end user or a supplier. It makes no difference either whether you require a complex project or a sub-delivery. You will obtain a complex solution with top qualitative and quantitative parameters from us and this is what makes a difference. A solution based on the unconditional quality, reliability and responsibility.


All of this can be summed up in a single sentence: We have been with you for more than 65 years and we are a part of your success.