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MZP Group

Thámova ulice 16
180 00 Praha 8 - Karlín
Czech Republic

+420 225 379 020

+420 725 935 903


Our basic credo is a complex service and absolute orientation on the customer and his needs. The entire process of the company management and development is conformed to this strategy: from the selection and continuous education of workers over the process management to the development and purchase of modern technologies.


Our growth strategy is based on the following:

  • consolidation of our position on existing key markets
  • dynamic development on EU, USA, Scandinavian and Russian markets
  • cooperation with the most significant world’s companies in this field
  • expansion of production areas, technical and technological facilities


For our customer or business partner we will always be a strong, reliable subject with a solid foundation. Our company’s development, growth and dynamics of advancement will always be benefits from which our customer will be profiting above all.