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People are always

a decisive factor
of a success


Top up-to-date technologies

along with a continuous process of workers' qualification enhancement

long term know-how

as a guarantee of the highest achievable skill and quality


more than 30 countries


thousands of successful



People are always

a decisive factor
of a success


Celebrating the 65th anniversary

Top technologies, high quality people, experience and high skill

There are more than 200 assemblers and welders in our team having years of experience and detailed knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies. The manufacture is ensured by 50 highly skilled manufacturing workers. Product handling is ensured by 15 operators using the most modern special lifting equipment with a lifting capacity of 4 – 400 tons.   To ensure a smooth run and…
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Benefits for you

Do you need to realize an investment project, a general repair of your equipment, maintenance …?   You may compare our services with other suppliers – and we are convinced that you cannot find an offer of higher quality and comprehensiveness on the market.   We will perform diagnostics of your equipment, propose the best and the most effective solution of the emerged…
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Selected projects

According to a field of activity
Cement plants
Lime plants
Quarries, bitumen mixing plants
Paper-mills and pulp-mills
Sugar plants
Chemical plants, incinerators, wastewater treatment plants
Robotic handling lines
Operation of heavy mobile cranes
According to a territory

Certification of MZP GROUP members


EN ISO 9001 : 2008

EN ISO 14001:2004

EN ISO 3834-2

EN 1090-1+A1 :2011

EN 1090-2+A1 :2011

EN 13480 + PED 2014/68 EU

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

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MZP GROUP members

Montáže Přerov a.s.
A combination of tradition and an intensive dynamic development. This is one sentence to characterize our company. Years of experience, passed between generations of our workers, go hand in hand with implementation of the most up-to-date technologies, procedures and equipment.   More than 60 years of achievements are visible at every place. Our customers, contracts and projects can be…
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Montáže Trenčín a.s.
MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s., till 2009 MONTÁŽE s.r.o. based in Rohožník, was established in 1993 and continuously followed the 40-year tradition of its parent company Montáže Přerov a.s. within a field of assemblies, disassemblies, reconstructions, repairs and manufacturing of technological equipment and steel structures.   In the past our employees together with the parent company…
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MZP Kiln Services Inc.
MZP Kiln Services Inc. is an American subsidiary of MZP Přerov, a company that has been on the world markets for more than 60 years. Our customers are above all cement plants, lime plants, crushing plants, but also glass-making plants, tire manufacturers and bioethanol production plants.   We have been on the American market since 2005, when we realized our first order for Carmeuse…
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Economical results


Outputs for years 2013 – 2015 (EUR)

14 819 355
18 341 842
23 337 856

Outputs for years 2013 – 2015 (EUR)


Over the years 2013 to 2015 the outputs of our company grew by 8.5 mil. EUR in absolute numbers, which means an increment by 57 % in relative numbers.

The output growth was not disturbed by any external economic factors (the economic crisis fading, economic fluctuations in some markets etc.).

Operational results for years 2013 – 2015 (EUR)

498 183
620 991
977 885

Operational results for years 2013 – 2015 (EUR)


During years 2013 – 2015 the operational result of our company noted an increase of 480 thousands EUR in absolute numbers. In relative numbers the increases was 96 %.

The operational result growth resulted particularly from our focus on efficiency of the company’s run; the above mentioned growth was achieved while slightly reducing a number of regular employees.

More economical results



Loading and transport of a dryer for our customer SWISS COMBI – W. Kunz dryTec AG

On 23/4/2020 loading and transport of a dryer for our customer SWISS COMBI – W. Kunz dryTec AG was performed. The drum dryer was manufactured in our company. The dryer had a diameter of 5.5m, a length of 18.8m between supporting rings, a length including throats and covering lids of approximately 20m, a weight of c. 70 tons. A length of a set of towing vehicles with a special low-bed trailer…
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Joing of strong group Multicraft

In the beginning of year 2020 Montaze Prerov a.s. has become part of strong group of companies called Multicraft Group. It is group of more then 20 fabrication and engineering companies. For our company it means that we can provide to our customers higher production capacity, extend our skills and complexity of solutions offering to our cusotemrs. Because of this Montaze Prerov a.s. is able to…
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Transport of heavy mechanization needed for realization of a project in Norway

In the second half of the year 2018 we commenced works on a large project for Doosan Lentjes company in Heidlberg Norcem Kjopsvik cement plant. The object of our activity was an installation of a system for flue gas desulphurization using sea water. The work was highly demanding, because the installation took place during the normal operation of the cement plant. Our company provided above all…
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